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Dining tables: for making conversation, not being the conversation

The Valque is about minimal. Yes, you might get a couple of ‘mmms’ of appreciation, but this table isn’t meant to be a show-stopper. A simple and super supportive metal frame, smooth oak veneer top, and natural wood grain bar – less is more, when it comes to the overall sophistication of your space.

A sophistication sensation
Black or white, and therefore a match with any modern dining room. It’s minimal design, with the oak grain adding just a touch of personality.

Totally pairable
A perfect fit with the Valque bench and chairs, but minimal enough to work with more or less anything.

Designed to last
Valyou made – which means quality materials and skilled craftsmanship, with durability at the heart of the design.


Currently Featured at our Honolulu Showroom

Materials oak veneer top, metal legs
Carton Size 66"W x 39"L x 3"H Inch
Weight  89 lbs

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