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Save $150.05
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Color: Linen White

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Pebbles Ottoman


It's all about yōu

  • Warranty

  • Easy Returns

  • Easy Assembly

  • Durable

  • Engineered For Comfort

  • Solid Wood Frame


 Large35"D x 35"L x 15"H
Small24"D x 35"L x 15"H
 Large35"D x 35"L x 15"H
Small24"D x 35"L x 15"H


Put your feet up 

Furniture is personal so each piece should be as versatile and unique as you. This ottoman can easily connect and disconnect to be a stunning stand alone piece or a part of a sectional that’s totally your own. Its modern unique design by the designer Milozze is sure to elevate your space effortlessly. 

Polished Style 

Clean, modern design with an inviting lure by designer Milozze. 

Stress-free Set Up 

No fuss or stress, this piece comes already assembled. 

Durable Design

Stain resistant fabric and 3D foam cushions for every plop, hop, and drop. 

Currently Featured at our Honolulu Showroom

UpholsteryBoucle Fabric & 100% Linen Fabric
InsideMetal frame, high-density foam
BaseWood frame, Metal attachments & Wood legs
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