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Vitruvian Chair


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A modern marvel.

If you’re a lover of Art Deco and beach house nuances then you’ll find a friend in the Vitruvian Chair. It’s modern silhouette and dense back legs make for both a sturdy support system as well as a tasteful supplement to any table. Its cool neutral colorway has a grounding effect on surrounding furnishings and brings a relaxing atmosphere to any room.    

Environmentally friendly.
In addition to its unique look, this chair boasts environmentally friendly features as it is constructed entirely of natural teak wood and metal. 


Smooth silhouette.
Though it has some striking features by way of dark, asymmetrical legs, this chair also has soft curves and a smooth silhouette that ups the comfort factor when talking functionality. Have a seat and check your morning emails in this stylish and comfortable chair.  


Highly durable.
The use of high-quality natural materials in this piece of furniture dramatically extends its longevity when compared to furnishings made from synthetic materials. Its durable materials repel water, pests, and warping over time making it a unique find worth bringing home.



MaterialMetal and Teak Wood
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