Valmea Coffee Table

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Valmea Coffee Table


It's all about yōu

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length47" Inch 
Depth21" Inch 
Height14" Inch 
length47" Inch 
Depth21" Inch 
Height14" Inch 


Comes with a built-in tray. Or is it a design feature?

You got us, it’s both. This is a coffee table that will keep the design and ‘spillage-control’ departments happy at your place. The natural grain of the oak veneer makes a strangely pleasing contrast with the tray top. So much so, it almost looks like a design feature. But it’s super handy of course – whether you want to keep food and drink away from books, or just love to compartmentalise. We feel you!

The design
Smooth oak veneer with a striking natural grain, contrasting the modern gray tray, and classic angled wood legs.

Is the function
Made for keeping food and drink from everything else, or for neatly and stylishly separating your display features.

Designed to last
Valyou made – which means quality materials and skilled craftsmanship, with durability at the heart of the design.

Currently Featured at our Kapolei and Honolulu Showroom

Materials 18mm MDF with oak veneer and tray top, wood legs
Carton Size43"D x 24"L x 6"H Inch
Weight 34 lbs
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