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Sky Garden

Mario Capasa

It's all about yōu

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  • Marble Base



Illumination in bloom.

The pendant style hemisphere looks to be a minimalistic black dome filled with light when glanced from afar. Only as you approach you will notice the ornate blooms inside of the bright white interior. Modeled after intricately patterned plaster ceilings in France, the Sky Garden is truly awe-striking. Generally, positioned over a table or other seating area, this lamp is best displayed where guests can admire the detailed interior from below.

The best kept secret.
The shift from a seemingly plain dome to a beautifully etched floral motif hidden inside is truly remarkable.

A centrepiece.
The large size and impressive design steal the show in any room.

Gorgeous ambient lighting.
The pendant style lamp provides even lighting over a large space.

Light bulbs not included

MaterialMarble base with steel
Carton Size25" x 25"x 13"
Weight6 lbs
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