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Nick (Defect Type & Intensity: Scratch - Light - %20 Discount)

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Nick (Defect Type & Intensity: Scratch - Light - %20 Discount)

Valyou Furniture

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Pure minimalism, right down to the name

This ‘Nick’ side table could be mistaken for a sculpture, but this Italian design is functional too. You’ll love the attractive angled steel base to keep whatever you rest on its creamy white ceramic top perfectly balanced. Contrasting colors give the modern design a classic elegance. Nice touch!

Italian style
An elegant Mario Capasa design, with a contrasting black steel base and creamy white ceramic top.

Everyday function
The angled steel base keeps whatever you place on the ceramic top perfectly balanced.

Designed to last
A high-quality ceramic top, supported by a strong steel base.


View the product on the Mario Capasa website:

Currently Featured at our Honolulu and Kapolei Showrooms


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