Monkey Pod Dining Table


Size: 59.3"L x 31.5"W
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Imperfect, in that beautiful handmade way

You could say the Monkey Pod Dining Table aims to be just a little imperfect. You’ll be charmed by the natural variations in grain, the carefully hand-sanded look, and the truly one-of-a-kind finished product that arrives in your living room. There may even be the subtlest variations in size and shape, but nothing that will stop you comfortably seating between 4 to 10 guests – all of whom will appreciate the unique Monkey Pod or Mango wood. Want a bespoke shape of your very own? We can do that too!

A true handmade look
Authentically handcrafted, with hand-sanded edges and unique variations in the wood sealed with lacquer to preserve the look. Straight or live edge. Monkey Pod or Mango Wood. Both contrasting with a black iron frame.

Seats however many
Our standard sizes fit between 4 and 10, or talk to us for your own custom size.

Designed to last
A visibly sturdy construction, thick Monkey Pod or Mango Wood and a strong iron frame.

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    Material Monkey Pod Wood / Mango Wood
    Legs Iron

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