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Loox Ceramic Dining Table

Mario Capasa

It's all about yōu

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Length63" Inch
Depth31" Inch
Height30" Inch
Length63" Inch
Depth31" Inch
Height30" Inch


“That’s definitely Italian”

From the sophisticated shades of cream and black to the classy silhouette, this dining table by Mario Capasa in an authentic Italian affair. And half the classiness is in its durability – its strong ceramic surface is anti-scratch, anti-shatter with heat-protection. Like a great Italian red wine, it will age well.

Italian design
A creamy one-piece ceramic top with contrasting stainless steel legs – designed and manufactured in Italy by Mario Capasa.

Spacious seating
Seats 6 adults comfortably.

Designed to last
An anti-scratch, anti-shatter, heat-protected ceramic surface, supported by a strong iron base and stainless steel legs.


View the product on the Mario Capasa website:


Carton Size Box 1 62"W x 33"L x 2"H Inch
Box 2 47"W x 24"L x 3"H Inch

Weight  Box 1 92 lbs
Box 2 15 lbs
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