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Large Cargo Cabinet


It's all about yōu

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  • Steel Sheets

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Length18.5" Inch
Depth16.5" Inch
Height24.0" Inch
Length18.5" Inch
Depth16.5" Inch
Height24.0" Inch


Fresh off the dock.

The Cargo Cabinets are styled after the iconic, brightly colored shipping crates that can be seen stacked high in port towns all over the world. Functional and striking, these cabinets will set the tone for any room and provide more than enough storage. The Cargo Cabinets make a strong impression individually, but completely change a room when paired together. 

Unique style.
Eye-catching and distinctive design make these cabinets hard to miss and frequently talked about.


Double doors.
Two doors open wide for unrestricted access to the cabinet’s interior.


Highly detailed.
The Cargo Cabinets have realistic markings like those found on authentic storage crates.


Cartons size 21"D x 20"L x 26"H Inch
Cartons Weight11 lbs
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