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Width 37" Inch
Length 122" Inch
Height 34.5" Inch
Chaise Length 62" Inch
Armrest Height 24" Inch
Seating Depth 18" Inch
Seating Height 22" Inch
Weight Capacity 1200 lbs


Minimally cool, charmingly cozy
The Italian-designed Intimo is a minimal look, with maximum comfort. Win, win. Two lucky lounge lizards will enjoy the 140-degree power reclining chair, and the whole family’s going to be super comfortable, with luxurious three-layer memory foam and feather cushioning all over. The plush chaise is perfect for stretching out or just perching. You’ll tell this reclining sofa is special before you’ve even sat on it, with hand-stitched Italian cow-leather. Who said cool can’t be cozy?

Ultimate coziness
Two 140 degree power reclining chairs with zero gravity reclining technology that will make you never want to leave. Three-layer memory foam and feather cushioning.

Italian cool
A contemporary Mario Capasa design, with a modular theme and 24 separate elements creating one inviting package.

Designed to last
A solid pine frame, stainless steel legs, and high-quality Italian cow leather.

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Base Pine Wood
Surface Italian Cow Leather
Filling Memory Foam & Latex Blend

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