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Harbor Tea Table

Lemons & Me

It's all about yōu

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30" Table 30"D x 19" H
44" Table44"D x 19"H 
30" Table 30"D x 19" H
44" Table44"D x 19"H 


Warm, natural, and spacious – like your favorite beach

With handwoven rattan construction, a friendly round feels, and a smooth sea-glass surface, this tea table is perfect for injecting some seaside style into your space. It doesn’t just offer a laidback style, but a carefree way of living too – with two sizes offering ample spaces for your guests' drinks. Cocktails are optional!

Beach style.
Bali-inspired rattan, intricately handwoven in a charming round shape.

Carefree living.
Two spacious sizes, and ample space for drinks and plates.

Designed to last.
A smooth and sturdy sea-glass finish protects the handwoven rattan construction.


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     Sea Grass / Glass Top 
    Carton Size30" Table 
    31"D x 31"L x 19"H 

    44" Table
    87"D x 18"L x 36"H 
    Weight 54lbs 

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