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Groot Dining Chair

Mario Capasa

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  • Easy Returns

  • Easy Assembly

  • Durable

  • Stainless steel frame

  • Anti scratch fabric


Length34" Inch
Depth26" Inch
Height30" Inch
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Length34" Inch
Depth26" Inch
Height30" Inch
Weight Capacity300 lbs


Looks so cool no one will mind eating leftovers.

The Groot Dining Chair is minimal in looks but maximizes resilience. The stainless steel frame is built to last. The cushy seat and backrest are covered in a soft fabric. This minimal dining chair is easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about little hands causing little spills. Grab the matching Groot Dining Table for a simple and complete modern dining space.

Pairs perfectly with the Groot Collection.
Achieve that cohesive minimal look with the addition of the Groot Stool, Dining Table, and Side Table.


Comfy and stylish.
Good looking with a cushy seat.


Easy to clean fabric and the sturdy stainless steel frame can handle a little tough love.


FrameStainless Steel Frame
Inside Sponge
Cartons size24"D x 31"L x 31"H Inch
Cartons Weight44.09 lbs
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