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Forest Day Chair (Defect Type & Intensity: Scratch - Light - %20 Discount)

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Forest Day Chair (Defect Type & Intensity: Scratch - Light - %20 Discount)

Valyou Furniture

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Mmmmm, Mahogany

That’s what taking a seat on this chair feels like! The high grade polished mahogany drawing smooth mesmerizing lines, with the deep forest shade adding richness to any room. It’s not just a bold look, but a welcoming feel too – made extra cushy by the cow leather memory foam seat. So smooth, so stylish, so very comfy.

Smooth style
Designed and made by hand in Bali, with mesmerizing polished mahogany curves, and a classy leather seat cushion.

Homely feel
Welcoming lines, and a comfortable HD memory foam seat cushion.

Designed to last
Constructed in Bali, with high-grade Mahogany and immense care. We’ve tested it, it’s strong!


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