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Febo Tables Set

Mario Capasa

It's all about yōu

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  • Durable

  • Stainless steel frame

  • Tempered glass


Length22" Inch
Depth19" Inch
Height18" Inch
Weight Capacity84 lbs
Length22" Inch
Depth19" Inch
Height18" Inch
Weight Capacity84 lbs


Rest your coffee mug on a sculptural work of art.

Swing low and aim high with this modern glass coffee table. It looks like a sleek sculpture but is actually two separate pieces. Nest them together to create a mesmerizing glass and steel work of art that can also store your Apple TV remote. Separate them and use the tall table as an accent or end table. It’s the perfect height to hold your drink. Then use the low coffee table to make the center of your living space feel open and simple. The good news is you can’t go wrong. This sculptural glass coffee table is made from stainless steel and tempered glass so it’s going to be with you for the long haul.

Sculptural design.
Make your living room feel like a museum.


Flexible arrangement.
Nest the tables together or use them separately — it’s up to you.


Shatter-resistant glass.
So go ahead and put your feet up.

FrameStainless Steel Frame
MaterialsTempered Glass
Cartons size L54"D x 20"L x 15"H Inch
Cartons size S23"D x 20"L x 19"H Inch
Total Carton Weight83.78 lbs
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