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Earthen Nightstand

Lemons & Me

It's all about yōu

  • Valyou Exclusive

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  • Anti Scratch Fabric

  • Solid Wood Frame

  • Handmade

  • Easy Assembly


Width16" Inch
Length20" Inch
Height24" Inch
Width16" Inch
Length20" Inch
Height24" Inch


Worry-free, like a day at the beach

Airy and open like an ocean breeze. The Earthen nightstand gives you one less thing to worry about with durable, built to last materials. This piece even provides storage for those odds and ends you need to stash. No worries, just an eye catching accent.

No warning, no problem
Tidy up in a flash when unexpected guests arrive. The roomy storage drawer can hide most coffee table clutter.

Sturdy woven top
No sagging or drooping. This end table is stylish enough to hold a glass of fine bourbon and is secure enough that you know it won’t spill a drop.

Made to last
A high-quality teak wood frame and woven rattan siding provides superior durability in a lightweight piece of furniture. Rest assured, this piece will last.


Materials Teak wood and Rattan
Carton Size21”x17”x25” inch
Weight 35 lbs
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