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Beverly Dining Table

Lemons & Me

It's all about yōu

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70" inch  70"L x 34” W x 30” H
78" inch  78” L x 39” W x 30” H
70" inch  70"L x 34” W x 30” H
78" inch  78” L x 39” W x 30” H


An acclaimed design, for al fresco delights

Home Decor featured this party-size bench for its exceptional design, and you can see why. Handcrafted from Teak and Mahogany in Bali – it’s both a fine piece of craft and a slice of the beach. Host 8-10 guests under the sun or moonlight, and chat the night away.

A Balinese delight
High-grade mahogany wood, with Teak touches. It’s so Bali.

Spacious seating
Two sizes, to fit 8-10 guests comfortably.

Designed to last
Strong mahogany wood, with a trusted frame design.

View the product on the Lemons & Me website:

Mahogany Wood

70" inch 
72"W x 37"D x 31"H

78" inch 
80"W x 43"D x 31"H

Weight 70" inch 118lbs 

78" inch 139lbs 

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