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Luxuriously liveable

When you first see the Aurora, you’ll think luxury. A bold Italian design, premium Vegan leather, plush headboard pillows. What you won’t see, is all the things that make this bed quite so liveable. The technical leather? It’s stain-resistant, anti-scratch, water-resistant, even pet-friendly. And hiding beneath all that plushness? A strong pinewood frame, designed to last. Livability is a luxury you’ll love.

Italian design
An award-winning 2020 Mario Capasa design from Milan – plush, coated in vegan leather, and undeniably luxurious.

Comfortable living
The extra-large headboard pillows are as super-soft as they look.

Designed to last
A strong pine wood frame, and stain-resistant, anti-scratch, water-resistant, pet-friendly vegan leather.


View the product on the Mario Capasa website:

Filling Feather Filling
Foam 1x layer HD dense foam, 1x layer HD soft foam,
Fabric NatLeather® Premium Vegan Leather by Mario Capas

Carton Size

Queen Size
Box 1 68"W x 14"L x 35"H Inch
Box 2 86"W x 12"L x 10"H Inch
Box 3 80"W x 21"L x 2"H Inch
Box 4 62"W x 8"L x 7"H Inch
Box 5 59"W x 79"L x 2"H Inch

King Size
Box 1 84"W x 14"L x 35"H Inch
Box 2 88"W x 12"L x 10"H Inch
Box 3 78"W x 25"L x 2"H Inch
Box 4 80"W x 8"L x 7"H Inch
Box 5 79"W x 79"L x 2"H Inch

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