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Alvar Chair


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Depth23.6" Inch
Length28.7" Inch
Height28.7" Inch
Depth23.6" Inch
Length28.7" Inch
Height28.7" Inch


Edgy and comfy? This chair is both.

Tough but still a softie at heart, this modern armchair embraces contrast for the ultimate in stylish comfort. Sturdy and shiny, the stainless steel frame plays defense against wear and tear. The extra cushy seat covered in real leather invites you in for a rest from the world. Our favorite vintage-inspired brand Foundry masters blending timeless styles with updated materials and the Alvar Chair is no exception. At home in the living room, office, or bedroom this modern armchair always scores.

Classic design.

Inspired by the mid-century movement, this modern armchair is always up to date.


Cushy leather seat.

Plush cushions and supple leather make for a cozy seat.


Relaxed but structured.

Sharp lines and soft leather seamlessly blend contrasting styles.


FrameStainless Steel Frame
MaterialsGenuine Leather
Carton Size30"D x 26"L x 31"H Inch
Weight48 lbs

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