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Aaba Sculpture


It's all about yōu

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  • Handmade

  • Vintage Piece

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  • Limited Edition


Length3.3" Inch
Depth5.1" Inch
Height7.9" Inch
Length3.3" Inch
Depth5.1" Inch
Height7.9" Inch


Jazz up your place.

John Coltrane or Charlie Parker? You don’t have to pick a favorite — this saxophone sculpture pays homage to both. If you love spending late nights sipping martinis and bopping along to a solo this objet d’art belongs on your shelf. Place it on your mantle, coffee table, or bookshelf. The muted colors and distressed details won’t overwhelm your space.

Make a statement.
Get ready to debate the merit of Miles Davis all night long.

Show your love for music.
It’s cool even if you’re not into jazz.

Mix up your shelves.
All books are a boring look.

Cartons size 4"D x 6"L x 8"H Inch
Cartons Weight0.44 lbs

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